“One of the exemplary humans who will‪ Make Americana Great Again.” – Flip Cassidy & the Junkyard Gospel

“We dig this cat. He’s got a classic vibe and smooth moves.” – Rust Magazine

“Gritty, beautiful sounding guitar tones, a head noddin’ drum rhythm and the rough, bluesy voice of RJ combine to create this catchy single that sticks in your head long after the song ends.” – Middle Tennessee Music.Com

On the single Nightly Suicide, “This is one of the best tracks I have heard in some time. It is very down to earth and original.” – Rate the Tracks

“…easy to play on repeat…. the songwriting is world class.” – Skope

“RJ Comer is a one of a kind bluesy, Americana artist that displays imagery and poetic story lines through his songwriting. This vivid six-song EP touches on issues of addiction to redemption; from failed relationships to the open road. Nightly Suicide would be a perfect listen for gathering around a fire or driving in your car; anywhere that you can let yourself imagine the dark yet, beautiful lyrics. RJ Comer’s songwriting comes to life with the soulful singer’s haunting yet captivating vocals along with, his dark and pulsing instrumental.” – Lavender Magazine

“Comer’s gritty, soulful vocals and dark riffs authentically convey the stark and sometimes surreal lyrics and imagery of the song.” – All What’s Rock

“Tom Petty meets Johnny Cash here. It’s almost as if they could’ve written this track. It goes a long way in saying how mainstream it is. There isn’t a thing to dislike about it unless you have no country or Americana, let alone the blues, pop or soul music in you.” – Music Existence

“Comer should be applauded for his amazing songwriting lyrical skills. Each song is personal and poetic.” – The Celebrity Café

“‘Angels love me but the devil owns me and the battle keeps me on my feet’ hell of a way to start out a song. The Moon Ain’t Fallen On Me Yet begs anyone listening to concentrate on the lyrics.” – Indie Music Review

“You can feel the pain and scars of past decisions dripping off every note and lyric sung.” – MusicNotez

“‘Nightly Suicide’ is an amazing album, especially if you’re a guitar lover like me.” – All Whats Rock

“For me, his lyrics are the best embodiment of the album.” – Indie Artists Alliance

“‘Nightly Suicide’ by RJ Comer is a collection of six songs that are impossible not to like.” – Rock N’ Roll Review

“A master storyteller, RJ’s words and voice command one’s listening attention and at the same time, conjures a visual experience.” – Big Blend’s Radio & TV Magazine

Nightly Suicide “is an absorbing and thought provoking album of six perfectly produced songs, which impress you to the marrow of your bones and leave you replaying them and reflecting, while the music has stopped long ago.” – Skope Magazine

“I so wish this Album would have had more tunes on it.” – Matt from WYCE Radio

“There is a guy who is a Blues and Americana badass and he has those genres running through his veins.” – Artist PR