1. Broken Stage 11 4:00
  2. Insomnia Stage 11 3:41
  3. Open Water Stage 11 4:12
  4. Odie Mi Mente Stage 11 4:56
  5. Smoke Stage 11 4:03
  6. Hallelujah Stage 11 5:48

Moments Like These

July 1, 2017

In 2017, RJ took a break from his own recordings to produce an EP for popular LA-based indie rock band Stage 11. RJ met Stage 11 in 2012 when Stage 11 opened for RJ’s band Dance Hall Pimps at the legendary Viper Room. He immediately became a fan and friend of the band. In 2016, RJ hired Stage 11 guitarist Dustin Arth to play on a theme song RJ wrote and produced for a film. Dustin was taken with RJ’s producer skills, so the band asked him to produce their forthcoming EP – Moments Like These. RJ worked closely with the band and lead singer Diego Garcia to retain the power and innovation of Stage 11’s live performances but transform the songs into a collection of commercially viable indie rock tracks that earned the band critical acclaim as well as internet and terrestrial radio air-play.