1. Steppin' Down 3:23
  2. Nightly Suicide 3:26
  3. Losing What You're Losing 3:26
  4. The Moon Ain't Fallen on Me Yet 3:04
  5. One Day 3:27
  6. Ex's & Oh's 3:33

Nightly Suicide

“Nightly Suicide” (March 25, 2016) is decidedly Americana Rock, yet is RJ’s most intimate and personal collection of songs dealing with addiction, failed relationships, conscience, redemption, and the open road. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jef Scott (The Men) produced “Nightly Suicide” and collaborated closely with RJ to craft an Americana Rock sound that is both unflinching and introspective.

“Nightly Suicide” debuted on the Americana Music Association radio chart the week it was released and stayed on the chart for five months.  Skope magazine described “Nightly Suicide” as an “absorbing and thought provoking album of six perfectly produced songs, which impress you to the marrow of your bones and leave you replaying them and reflecting . . . .”