1. I Wasn't Born an Angel 3:36
  2. Hell Hole Swamp 3:02
  3. Smothered 3:29
  4. Got Two Kitchens 2:58
  5. Wreckage of the Future 3:29

Hell Hole Swamp

The five original swamp songs on Hell Hole Swamp capture RJ’s love for swamp stories & legends–the shadow, the sin, the redemption, and the humor. Although a fusion of Louisiana and Carolina swamp influences, Hell Hole Swamp is contemporary Americana and is unlimited by boundaries. RJ plays plectrum banjo on every track and is accompanied by a wide variety of instruments — including acoustic and electric guitar, organ, fiddle, and horns on one track (“I Wasn’t Born an Angel”).

True Blood and Treme contributor C.C. Adcock produced two tracks “Smothered” and “I Wasn’t Born an Angel” in Lafayette, Louisiana. RJ’s long-time collaborator Rob Hill produced three other three tracks. Notable Louisiana artists participated in some of the tracks. The incomparable New Orleans drummer and percussionist Stanton Moore appears on these tracks along with Artelius Mystic (sousaphone) and Dave Rosser (organ). Like any southern American Swamp, Hell Hole Swamp can be charming and fun, but just as quickly can turn dark… “Beauty and danger occupy the same space in the shadowed grace of this foresaken place, called Hell Hole Swamp.”


“Great Stuff” — Isaac Banks FM89.5 Canbera , Australia.

“RJ’s gritty blues sound has that rare ability to be familiar and refreshing at the same time” — Dustin Dellinger, Gashouse Radio Philadelphia.