FEATURED VIDEO: House Grown Cold -- a "beguiling video" as the song "weaves its tale of heartache." (PopMatters)

Tough guys' hearts can break too. RJ's raw and vulnerable performance in "House Grown Cold" reveals an entirely new dimension to the artist who once resolutely declared, "I Wasn't Born an Angel."


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About RJ

After his recent official appearance at SXSW, RJ has been hitting the road with official appearances at the Baton Rouge Third Street Songwriters Festival and the Key Largo Original Music Festival as well as club dates. His 2016 EP Nightly Suicide garnered steady spins on Americana stations, and he is poised to have a break-out year with his forthcoming LP One Last Kiss, produced by Shawn Byrne and featuring Parker Millsap’s fiddle player Daniel Foulks and Grammy-winning slide guitarist Randy Kohrs (Jim Lauderdale band). One Last Kiss will be released June 15.

Born in Chicago and now living in the Tennessee woods, RJ’s story is one of personal transformation and redemption. RJ once gave up on his dream to be a musician and then spiraled into an abyss of violence, addiction, and poverty. He eventually straightened himself out and decades later a band RJ started for kicks got signed. Now a full-time musician again, RJ’s toured from Canada to Florida and throughout the U.S., deftly straddling traditional and contemporary Americana and Blues, garnering fans from Bourbon Street to farm towns, in coffee houses and concert halls. With a baritone voice that can be powerful, ragged, or soothing, RJ brings to his audience the emotional and experiential range of a man who once only knew how to fight or flee, but slowly learned to live and prosper, and eventually learned to love.